What is jsp ?
 What is the difference between jsp and html ?
 What is jsp transalation ?
 What is the difference between servlet and jsp ?
 What are the life cycle methods of jsp ?
 Which life cycle methods of jsp we can override ?
 Can we override -jspService(requet , responce) ?
 How can we override jspInit() method ?
 How can we override jspDestroy ?
 What are the different types of tags available in jsp ?
 Why scriptlet tag in jsp ? How do you use ?
 Why expression tag in jsp ? How do you use ?
 Why declaration tag in jsp ? How do you use ?
 Why directive tag in jsp ? How do you use ?
 What is implicit object in jsp ?
 What are the implicit objects in jsp ?
 What is the default scope of jsp page ?
 What are the scopes available in jsp ?
 Explain about scope objects in jsp ?
 Explain about config object in jsp ?
 Explain about out object in jsp ?
 Explain about pageContext object ?
 Difference between find attribute and get attribute of pageContext ?
 What is the difference between servlet init and jsp init ?
 Can we access implicit objects out of -jspService method ?
 Can we use implicit tags in declarative tags ?
 How do you commnet in jsp ?
 Where do you place jsp files in web directory ?
 What are the directive tags available in jsp ?
 Why include directive tag in jsp ?
 Why page directive tag in jsp ?
 Why taglib directive tag in jsp ?
 What are the different attributes used with page directive?
 Why language atribute in page directive ?
 Why import atribute in page directive ?
 Why session attribute in page directive ?
 Why errorPage attribute in page directive ?
 Why isErrorPage attribute in page directive ?
 Why isThreadSafe attribute in page directive ?
 Why buffer attribute in page directive ?
 Why autoFlush attribute in page directive ?
 Why extends attribute in page directive ?
 Why contentType attribute in page directive ?
 Why isElIgnored attribute in page directive ?
 What are Standard Actions in jsp ?
 Write an example that covers all standard action tags ?
 What is jsp forward action ?
 What is jsp include action ?
 What is the difference between include directive and include action?
 What is custom tag ?