What is servlet ?
 What is webserver ?
 What is application server?
 What is the difference between web and application servers ?
 What is the http protocol ?
 What is stateless ?
 What is stateful ?
 Is http protocol stateless or stateful ?
 What is servlet heirarchy ?
 Is javax.servlet.Servlet interface or class ?
 What is GenericServlet? Why it is ?
 What is HttpServlet? why it is ?
 What is the difference between Servlet and GenericServlet ?
 What is the difference between GenericServlet and HttpServlet ?
 What the methods are there in Servlet interface ?
 What is the lifecycle of servlet ?
 What is ServletRequest and ServletResponse ?
 What is deployment descriptor file ?
 What are the different tags used in deployment descriptor(web.xml) file ?
 What is the folder structure of web application ?
 What are the steps to write a serlvlet ? Write a program ?
 What is the difference between GET and POST methods ?
 Which Http method is Non-idempotent ?
 What are the different ways of creating servlet ?
 Why load-on-startup tag in web.xml file ?
 Why welcome-file-list tag in web.xml ?
 What if there is no welcome-file-list tag in web.xml?
 When does container create servlet object
 How many objects will be created for each servlet ?
 How do you prove only one object will be created for a servlet ?
 Why servlet class must be public ?
 Can we write main method in servlet ?
 Is it good idea to create Constructor in Servlet ?
 What are the ways to communicate from html to servlet ?
 What is the default method type of form ?
 Is servlet thread safe ?
 What are the different url patterns you can use in web.xml ?
 What is exact match url mapping ?
 What is directory match url pattern ?
 What is extension match url pattern ?
 What is default servlet ?
 What are the different ways to get request parameters in servlet ?
 How do you get form data if you don’t know parameter names?
 Why init method in servlet?
 What is the difference between init(ServletConfig config)and init() ?
 Why PrintWriter class ? How do you get PrintWriter object in servlet?
 Why HttpServlet class is given as abstract ?
 What is MIME ? Why it is ?
 How to get the actual path of servlet ?
 How to get the IP address of client ?
 How to get the server information ?
 What is ServletConfig and why it is ?
 When the ServletConfig object will be created ?
 How many ServletConfig objects will be created ?
 What is the information contained in ServletConfig object ?
 Can we access one ServletConfig object data into another ServletConfig ?
 Can we access ServletConfig object in servlet constructor ?
 What are the different ways of obtaining SevletConfig object into service ?
 How do you read data from ServletConfig object ?
 What is ServletContext ? Why it is ?
 Who creates ServletContext object ?
 When the ServletContext object will be created ?
 How many ServletContext objects will be created in application ?
 What is the first object created by Servlet container ?
 What is the sequence of objects created by servlet container ?
 What are the ways to store data in ServletContext object ?
 What are the paramter types we can add in web.xml ?
 What are the different types of parameters exists in Servlet api ?
 What are the difference between ServletConfig and ServletContext ?
 How do you get ServletContext Object into service method ?
 Can we access one web aplication context object into another application?
 What is the inter servlet commnication ? How can we acheive it ?
 What is Request Dispatcher interface ? Why it is ?
 What are the actions you can do with ReuqestDispatcher ?
 How do you get RequestDispatcher object ?
 How do we call one servlet from another servlet?
 What is Servlet request forwarding ? How can you acheive it ?
 What is Servlet response including and How can you acheive it ?
 What is the difference between forwarding and including ?
 How can we call another servlet in a different application?
 What is Servlet Re Direcion ? How can you acheive it ?
 What is the difference between Servlet Forwarding and Redirection?
 What is the session management ?
 What is the state management?
 What are the session management techniques ?
 How do you get session object in service ?
 What are the importent methods avilable in HttpSession?
 Is HttpSession class or interface ?
 How do you notify an object if session is expired ?
 How can you make session timeout?
 What is Cookie ? Why it is?
 What are the different types of Cookies?
 What is the difference between in-memory and persistent cookies?
 How do you create Cookie ?
 What are the importent methods available in Cookie class ?
 Is Cookie class or interface?
 What is Url-re writing ? How it works in session management ?
 What is the difference between encodeRedirectUrl and encodeURL ?
 Why real time applicaions use Url-re writing technique ?
 What is Filter ? Why it is?
 What are the adventages and drawbacks of filter?
 What are the different types of filters?
 What are the steps needed to create a filter ? Write a simple program ?
 What is Servlet Listener ? Why it is ?
 What are the servlet Listener interfaces available in Servlet api?
 What is the Listener event ?
 What are the different event object available in Servlet api ?
 How do you get number of active sessions in applications ?
 How do you get number of active sessions in applications ?
 How do you get number of clients accessed your web application ?
 How do you get number of requests came to application ?