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Introduction to HTML
Document structure of HTML
Very basic tags in HTML
Hellow world application in HTML
Hellow world application in HTML
Attributes in HTML
Comments in HTML
Marquee tag in HTML
HTML title tag
HTML meta tag
HTML link tag
HTML script tag
HTML style tag
HTML base tag
HTML Meta tags attribute in HTML
Description meta tag in HTML
Revised meta tag in HTML
Document refersh meta tag in HTML
Specifieng character set in HTML
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraphs
HTML Bold Text
HTML Italic Text
HTML Underlined Text
HTML Strike Text
HTML Superscript Text
HTML Subscript Text
HTML Larger Text
HTML Smaller Text
HTML division element (Grouping element)
HTML span element (Grouping element)
HTML Marked Text
HTML Emphasized Text
HTML Strong Text
HTML Single quotation tag
HTML Double quotation tag
HTML Address Text
Displaying image in HTML
Setting image width/height
Setting image alignments
Setting image border
HTML Table tags
Cellspacing in HTML tables
Cellpadding in HTML tables
Merging columns in HTML table
Merging rows in HTML table
Setting table height/width in HTML
Setting table background colors in HTML
Setting caption for table in HTML
Nested tables examples in HTML
HTML Link tags
Setting color to links
Open linked page in new window
Removing underline to link
HTML Color tags
HTML colors Hex codes
HTML colors RGB values
HTML Font tags
Setting font size in HTML
Setting font face in HTML
Setting font color in HTML
HTML Un ordered lists
HTML Ordered lists
HTML Frames , iframes
Layouts in HTML
Classes in HTML
HTML Form tags
HTML Form attributes
Text box in HTML
Text area in HTML
Password input field in HTML
Hidden field in HTML
Check boxes in HTML
Radio buttons in HTML
Select Box in HTML
File upload field in HTML
Submit button in HTML
Disable input fields in HTML